Loamlands is a distorted country music outfit that places queer storytelling at the forefront of their music.  They intimately grapple with identity and by playing with genre and history, twisting tales by tweaking pronouns falling in love with records, not people.  Their sophomore release, Lez Dance, comes out early summer on Cruisin Records. Similarly to Sweet High Rise, Lez Dance is hook and story driven, this time stripped down to explore a new kind of vulnerability with all of you.

According to NOISEY,  Loamlands’ music is “written to directly address North Carolina, the people in the Durham DIY scene, and the area's long history with LGBT communities and police violence, the themes Register… wrestle[s[ with throughout—queerness, police violence, bigotry and general intolerance to those who refuse to adhere to any kind of binary—are poignant no matter where you live.”